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MERCO identifies with its clients the right investment strategy; Then we execute it within pre-defined criteria across three spectrums:

Consists of single or multi tenants offering stable occupancy. Well located in a strong submarket core property will not require
market repositioning and will be considered as an income producing asset delivering stable and inflation linked return.
The primary focus will be to capitalize on existing occupancy securing a longer investment period through dynamic management.

Consists of property that require moderate market repositioning and/or capital expenditure prior to reaching stabilized occupancy and
maximize potential rental rates. The capital improvements usually required to up grade the overall life, functionality and appeal of
the property. Located in prime location or historically strong submarkets and/or those expected to grow in the coming years..

Consists of tailored building development servicing the demand of end users. Aging of population, need of urban regeneration and
eco effectiveness are the key market trends driving the investment selection.
In entering at the earlier stage of the development process both responsible building & strong return can be delivered.